Saturday, August 20, 2005

All About John

Let me tell you about John. John is a loving man that will help anyone, he will never hurt a fly and would give it a place to live, no matter if it spent the whole day flying around his head bugging him to death.

That is just the kind of guy that he is.

In my opinion john saved my life, any frequent reader of my BLOG knows that. He will never admit to it because he is so modest. But I will always thank him for everything that he has done for me and everything that he continues to do for me on a day to day basis.

John is an older fellow now, he is 67 years old and has a large family complete with 3 grand kids. His entire family has taken me into their lives and accepted me as their own, and for that I cannot express the love I feel for them all, and would do anything in the world to help them whenever or however I was asked.

John started out as a pet shop owner. Funny thing is about that he is terribly allergic to every type of animal there is, except for snakes and reptiles. He soon decided to give that up one day for no reason, he had always been interested in the stock market, and had learned about it back in college when he received his Masters in business, and accounting.

John is good at whatever he does, and it did not take him but 3 years to totally master the stock market, he will never tell me how much he has actually made on the market, but I have personally seen him make over $10,000,000 on a single deal alone, in a matter of 4 hours. But in the same respect I have also seen him louse even more then that in 5 minutes. So it works both ways, and there is no way to tell exactly how much he really has or does not have.

Being a smart old Fart (giving him a hard time cause I know he will read this) who is set in his ways has insured his success in himself personally and his family alike.

Words that John lives by and will never let you get away from him without hearing at least one time, “Its not what you Know Its who you Know”, “Always Trust your Gut”, “ Step up and take what is YOURS”

John is a wild old man who likes European cars, he drives them fast, and likes life even faster. He lives for the moment and will never look back, he is the type of man that we all wish we could be, and will be very lucky if we can even become half the well rounded person he is. He has a family that loves him very much and he is in better shape and has better health then most 30 year old men. Most people wish to be him and work to be like him every day, and only he can do it, and make it looks so easy while doing it.

Thank you for everything john, you saved my life and I owe everything to you.

(that statement will make him very mad, because he will say I did everything myself.)

Much <3>

but until next time, more about him later.