Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My Feeling on --EGTY-- STOCK

I was woken up today by john, he had some hot news for me on a new stock, its name is (EGTY). I can see that this stock has serous potential. For the simple fact it is a company with renewable resources. And it is a company providing a product that everyone needs (Timber Wood and Lumber). The wood that this company produces is perfect for construction, insuring a strong demand, due to the fact that the world needs affordable lumber for building homes now and even more in the future. The type of tree that (EGTY) specifically uses is a type of cedar tree, this tree can re-grow from the stump cutting down re-growth time. The Cedar wood is extremely resilient hard (but not to hard for construction) and ideal for construction for homes. The Cedar wood is resistant to forest fires and termites, making the crops safe from disaster, and rendering (EGTY) safer from catastrophic events such as infestation and fire.

I chose to invest in (EGTY) because there is supply for the product that is being produced. And there always will be. The Human population needs shelter to survive, and (EGTY) has the product to see us into the future with the sales of their Lumber/Timber/Wood for housing development.

The STOCK EGTY has everything in my opinion, SUPPLY and DEMAND of PRODUCT, strong reserves, good outlook, and a product that the entire human race needs no matter your location, daily habits, and social standard.

You can see the newsletter that John sent me after the call that he made. And you too will see why this stock especially grabbed my attention because of the strong demand of the solid product that will be here for generations to last.

Allways consult my disclaimer which is located here.