Friday, August 19, 2005

My Story

Hello my name is Lewis Anderson. I was born in Grand Rapids Michigan and here is the story about how I got here today.

Like I said before it all started in Grand Rapids I was born in 79 to a very loving mother, She was a Taxi driver that always wanted the best for my brother and I. Every memory that I have of my mother is a good one, even the times that she would bust me for stealing sweets from the cupboard for me and my brother. Even while she was yelling at me she could not help but laugh while we were covered in chocolate from the peanut butter cups we loved so much.

Much like most children around me my child hood was picture perfect, Except for the fact that I never had a father or one that I could remember meeting in physical memory. This was something that never really bothered me, because my mother had given me and my brother all the love and attention that we could ever need.

We never had life that good from a financial point of view, and only now do I realize how hard my mother actually worked to support me and my brother. To barley get by and pay the bills.

For most families in America this is nothing out of the ordinary, and until this one horrific day, it was my Perfect American Dream.

I awoke just like I did every day, I was in the sixth grade. Just like any day, I got up and got dressed and my mother had breakfast all prepared for my brother and I. I started to walk off to school, I would walk about 2-3 blocks every day to the middle school, and my mother would take my little brother to school which was about 3 miles away.

I am in second period and an announcement is played over the intercom, that I am to go to the office, I proceed to the office thinking that this was really weird, because I was not in any trouble being slightly below average student who did not cause any trouble.

I get into the office and the secretary tells me that I have a phone call, and it was the police. So I pick up the phone and they ask my identity and I say yes this is who I am, and they utter those dreadful words that no one ever wants to hear, The officer tells me that there has been an accident, and my mother had been killed, and my brother was in critical condition at the hospital.

The secretary of the school gives me a ride down to the hospital, and I got there just a second too late to say goodbye to my brother.

Just like that in an instant a Drunk Driver took my entire family from me. The man that hit my family as they went through a green light, he ended up escaping the scene of the accident and has never been caught to this day.

Shortly there after I was put into Social services, I soon realized that I would be better off on my own, and I ran away from the abusive foster home that I was put into.

So there I was, 18 years old now, no family, not in school and cannot get a job and am living on the street. At this particular point in my life I was down, and out . Or at least I thought that was the case. I was in Arizona sitting on the side of the road, with a sign that said “I NEED MONEY, I WILL DO ANYTHING’. A man that was driving a BMW pulls over, he steps out of his car wearing a suite. At this moment, I was thinking he was going to lecture me about how I needed to get my life together. When this was clearly not the case, I had just received a bad hand temporarily.

This man started off by saying his name was john and that he was here to make my life better. I laughed at him, and he said come with me, I will buy you lunch and a new set of clothes, drop you off right back here at the end of it all and all you have to do is listen to me. So not having any better outlook I agreed to take a ride with the stranger.

As we were driving down the road, he is going on and on how he made his fortune working the MARKET. He kept on stating how he always got everything he wanted in life and all you had to do was stand up and take what is rightfully yours. I reply how can you stand up and take what is yours when everything has been taken from you.

He laughs, and replies sometimes you just need a helping hand. He takes me out to eat, and then buys me a nice set of clothes, the whole time talking about his success stories. He drops me off in a parking lot next to where I was standing when he met me, upon saying good bye he stops and grabs me, and says, if I were to give you $10,000.00 cash right now, and gave you an exact plan on how to turn it into a million dollars would you follow my instructions. I reply yes, all the time thinking who the hell wouldn’t listen to someone that is just willing to give you that amount of money for no reason at all. He instructs me to wait for one second, he goes to the trunk of his BMW, and fiddles around with something in the trunk, he then approaches me after closing the trunk with a brief case. He Instructs me to go and get some place to live, a computer, and an internet connection, and that everything that I will need is enclosed in the brief case. He then throws it at me, and takes off in a screech of smoke racing off into the distance.

I then think to myself this is all to good to be true, I open up the brief case and lone behold there is $10,000.00 along with a piece of paper, with simple instructions, that said this. “DO EXACTLY WHAT I SAID, AFTER YOU HAVE DONE THAT, CONTACT ME” and he then left his e-mail address and phone number.

So I did exactly what he said, I went and got an apartment, a computer, and an internet connection with America Online.

As soon as I completed all of that I contacted him, he then asked me how much money I had left. I replied with approximately $8,500.00. He replied with a enthusiastic EXCELLENT!. Now I want you to go to this website it is one that I use, to do all of my trading on. It is a good service. I want you to sign up for an account and get started with this stock. It was a really low cost stock, approximately 10 cents a share, and I was instructed to buy at least 10000 shares of it, which was $1000.00. So I listen and I SAY OK. And I did exactly what he had told me to do again.

He said to wait at least a few days before I did anything. Almost instantly when I bought the 1000 shares the stock went down, and I immediately panicked. I wanted to sell that stock so bad at that exact moment. But I held onto it and I did not sell it. For the week I held onto it, it had increased to 32 cents a share. And I owned 10000 shares of the stock. This means that I made $2,200.00 total on my first investment as soon as I sold all of my stock. I Put in $1000.00. and got $3,200.00 back on my investment.


He said at this point, now do you understand what I mean by all you have to do is just STAND UP and TAKE what is YOURS.

I replied YES! I truly do sir.

He says I am going to give you one last piece of advice, and if you follow this ONE RULE, you will always find yourself to a better place. IT IS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW BUT WHO YOU KNOW!

I remain silent at this point because I realize how true it really is. And how much sense it really made. As soon as I met this man my horribly fallen apart life had begun to come together. All I could think is that I could not be happier, and how thank-full I was for finding this person in my life.

So now at this point, he tells me of another hot stock to try. He tells me at this point to stay in for only 2 weeks, and no matter what not to sell.

So 2 weeks go by and the stock had lost value I sold as I was instructed too and I ended up lousing just under half of all the money that I had made from the first investment. I called him up and asked him what went wrong, and he replied to me, you can not win all the time. And there is risks when you do this, but if you play your cards right you will always make more money then you louse if you make smart educated investments. But he told me at this point that you can always louse everything, and to be prepared. So from that point on I always proceed with caution with every investment that I make.

But over time I made about 27 investments and only 3 of them were bad, I made over $780,500.00 in the first 8 months of me doing this. I did not quite make a million dollars yet but I was surely doing better then when I started, and I was amazed at the results that I had received. I felt like I had literally won the lottery standing on that corner that day.

Over this time I had purchased a house, a Car, and managed to find a very loving girlfriend that soon here I hope to make my wife.

Without this one man I would not have had this chance, he saved my life, well at least financially speaking that is. He also gave me hope and ambition and a plan to make my life better, all I did was take a chance and listened to him. I could have taken his money and used it to find a normal job but I LISTENED TO HIM and it HELPED ME. And at this point his advice was starting to sink in, its not what you know its who you know.

So What I want to do for the world is I want to share the information that he gives me, his hot stock tips, why it may be a good idea to invest in certain stocks over others, and ultimately I just want to try and help people out, the same way that I was helped. Because its not what you know its who you know, and you now know me.

I will be sure to post the tips and news letters in my BLOG here. For everyone who views my blog, it will ultimately be your decision to act upon the information that is provided to you through my reliable source.

After all it is not what you know, it is who you know, and you now know me.

So cheers friends I hope this will help, so you will be able to make a good amount of money like I do every day.


Much <3>